Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

How to Vote In the Oxford NatWest Venus Awards 2014

The Venus voting week is here!  Seems as though Scotland is trying to steal our thunder however we are in it for a whole week…so let’s get voting.

Follow these steps to vote for your favourite women-in-business in the award categories of either  Oxford Mail and Times Business Mother of the Year and Heart Employee of the Year;

Point your browser to 

  1. Click on the Vote Now! button on the top left.

Vote Now Button

2.  You will be instantly presented with the Business Mother of the Year Category. On the same page are links to the categories at the top left.

Category choices V2

3. If you know who’d you’d like to vote for then click on their image which will open up the “Watch Video Screen.

Watch Video Screen

  1.   On this screen you can watch their video and if you’d like to vote for them click the vote button.

Vote Button

5.  To help your choice even more click the share buttons.

Share Buttons

6.. Click OK and your vote is now registered.

Remember you can vote for as many candidates as you like however only one vote will be registered so even if you think you are able to vote for the same person multiple times, our very clever system will only count it once.

Hope you enjoy watching our candidates and are inspired by their stories…I know we all were.

The Venus Team


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