Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

NatWest Venus Awards Oxfordshire Green Business Award Semi-finalists 2014

William Morgan Group (BMW North Oxford Garage) Green Business 

Employing initiatives that consider the environment

Sarah McBride – Mitty Moos Ltd – Prior to 2012, I have been helping my husband with his business, this has given me an excellent grounding in business. I live in North Oxfordshire with my 5 children and am happily married to my David, who runs a business consultancy.

Susanne Austin – Oxfordshire Green Construction Showcase and Oxfordshire Green Construction Network – A True Earth Mother – Susanne believes in a more harmonious relationship between all inhabitants of this beautiful planet. She encourages and inspires us to respect each other, Mother Earth, and be aware of our use of our precious natural resources.

Cathy Cornish – Wild to Wonderful Garden Design – Cathy is a qualified garden designer, who set up her own business, Wild to Wonderful Garden Design in 2004, offering a range of flexible & bespoke design & planting services to customers, as well as individual hands-on gardening advice & training.

Alison Campbell – Stillwater Publishing Ltd – Alison is a talented writer, publisher and marketer running a successful business in Oxfordshire. She is also a mentor for small businesses and campaigner for dignity at work and an bringing an end to bullying, domestic violence and abuse.

Barbara Osborne – Oxford Business Mentors


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