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An inspirational morning in Chiswick



I joined the Venus Awards team this week and was thrilled when Tara suggested I go along with her to a coffee morning today in Chiswick for local small businesses, hosted by a couple of local MPs.

The MPs were Zac Goldsmith, who represents Richmond and Mary Macleod in the Chiswick constituency. It turned out I knew Mary as she and I worked together about 15 years ago (I knew her name was familiar!) so it was lovely to get reacquainted.

Zac and Mary proved themselves to be a credible pair as they effortlessly fielded a broad range of questions, covering subjects as diverse as arms trading, the housing crisis, access to funding for small business, domestic abuse and the antibiotic “Armageddon”.  A lively discussion as you can imagine!

But what really struck me about the gathering was the number of women there.  Of the, perhaps 35 individuals drinking tea and coffee in that Chiswick kitchen, only 2 or 3 of them were men.   The room was full of female entrepreneurs and professionals and the positive energy in the room was palpable.  Which just goes to show the time is ripe for Venus Awards to burst on to the London scene!  There are so many women out there doing a whole host of amazing things that deserve to be recognised. It’s our job to make that happen!

Sarah Clements – business development


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