Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

Southampton Venus Awards launched yesterday, nominate your favorite Business Woman!

venus Awards Southampton Launch

Tuesday, the 14th of January-or in other words it was the start of the NatWest Venus Awards Southampton! Because of the amazing success in the preceding years, we want to go on recognising all the amazing business women in the SO postcode. And now it’s your turn: GET NOMINATING. We celebrated this opening with the most influential, and of course the most beautiful  people in Southampton and the surrounding areas. The amazing event took place in the Grand Cafe, the perfect location for a night we won’t forget. Katie Francesca, a very talented singer, completed this night with her wonderful voice. In this pleasant atmosphere, sponsors and guests felt very comfortable to nominate the women who are deserving to win an award. The Mayor of Southampton Ivan White and his wife Mary White were also in attendance, showing their support for the business women of Southampton. A night like this requires a very competent presenter and this we definitely had!! Tara Howard opened by talking about Venus Awards and how it all began. Started in one region it’s now spread into nine! Mayoress Mary White and some of the sponsors talked about the Awards in general and about their intentions to support. This year there are three new categories to nominate business women: Customer Service Award, International Business and Young Entrepreneur. We really enjoyed this night and we hope you did it as well. Thanks for all, who made this event so unforgettable!!

Heart Radio Employee of the Year: A woman who goes beyond the call of duty

NatWest Entrepreneur: For a woman who dares to take risks in business that pay off

Silverlake Green Business: For businesses with initiatives that consider the environment

Dutton Gregory Small Business: For a small business with a big attitude

DynoRod Inspirational Woman: For a woman that goes out of her way to help others

Condor Lifetime Achievement Award: A lady over 35 who has worked hard and been successful for many years

Echo Business Mother: A woman who successfully juggles business & family life

Rothmans New Business: For a business less than 2 years old

YourSouthampton Technology & Online Business: A company with over 50% of its business online or a company that develops or supports technology


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