Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

Announcing Venus Ambassadors

Now this is the true A Team! Or is it the V Team?  These women are champions in more ways than one.

Venus Ambassadors are selected from past finalists of the numerous Venus Awards being held across the country.   Tara Howard, Founder of the Venus Awards says, “Our Ambassadors are the absolute perfect people to spread the word and share the vision.  They each have a fascinating story to tell how they achieved their success and got to where they are today.  We hope you get the chance to hear their story and be truly inspired as we all were when we first met them.”

The Ambassadors have been on the Venus journey and are eager to spearhead the Venus Vision which is…to enhance the lives of women around the world through recognition and self-empowerment.

An obvious choice for the role of Venus Ambassador, Dorset 2014 was Samantha Acton of Domestic Angels.  Sam won a Venus for Home Based Business of the Year in 2013 and went on to win the National Title.  “The role of a Venus Ambassador is to encourage people to enter the awards, get involved and make the most of this awards platform.” says Sam.

Nominations for the Venus Awards, Dorset 2014launches on January 16th with nominations closing on 7th March. During this time Samantha will be out there sharing the Venus vision and looking to encourage as many women as possible to embark on a wonderful experience.

Kimberley Garrod Photography


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