Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

Shoshana Plail.- finalist in the category Brighton`s Home Based Business of the Year

Also an internal category at the Venus Awards is the “Best Home Based Business of the Year”. It often is not easy to combine both your professional and your privacy life if your business is located in the house you life.

There is no sponsor for this category yet.

Shoshana Plail is the creator and owner of “Child Friendly Brighton and Hove”. She describes it as follows: “I decided to set up Child Friendly Brighton and Hove after spending hours trawling through various websites and magazines looking for things to do with my children (aged 7, 4 and 3 months) in Brighton and Hove. Sometimes it was a case of forgetting what’s out there for a specific purpose (e.g. what to do on a rainy day) and other times I was just looking for a little inspiration for something different to do after getting fed up with doing the same old thing. I also found it difficult to find up-to-date information about events and activities for children on a week by week basis.  So I decided to pull together all the different events and regular activities for babies, toddlers and children that I know are going on in our lovely city, and put it in one place, to save time for myself and others in a similar situation. I hope you find this website useful.


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