Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

Lorna Leck Finalist for Business Mother of the Year

For Women it is often not easy to combine both the business career and the family life, especially when they have children. That`s why it is very distinguished when mothers are successful in their career or they`re even running an own business. Therefore, there is an internal category at the Venus Awards called “Business Mother of the Year

Sponsor for this category is Radio Heart, a radio located near Brighton, but also on 32 another stations distributed all over the UK. It exists since 1994 and nowadays it reaches about 7.4 million people.

One of the finalists in this category is Lorna Leck. Lorna has worked in Sales and Service, Sales Leadership, Training and Coaching for over 22 years with experience spanning numerous Plc’s where she ran pan-European and global sales teams. Nowadays, Lorna is in the position of the Managing Director at “The Sales Activator Limited”. Since she has managed the Gap between a successful business life and her family, she has made it to the finals in Brighton Venus Awards.


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