Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

Employer of the year.- Carol Maunder

Carol Maunder

Firm of solicitors, does everything but crime. Carol Maunders has four offices in Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth and London. She has approx 150 staff. Carol has recently won 7.1m for for a client, an impressive feet.

Jobshop UK are sponsors of Employer of the Year they are a recruitment agency, which is specialised in all aspects of office work- from general administration to management level. We have an experienced team of consultants who have been with Jobshop for a couple of years. That`s why we can share with you our knowledge and experience to help you to find the right as well as the right candidate. Jobshop UK is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation – the governing body for the recruitment industry. Amongst other things, this body keeps us abreast of the current legislation, training courses, better recruitment practices, local events and case studies.

Carol’s winner’s quote: “I’m thrilled and very proud to have won the Venus Awards”.


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