Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

Lifetime Achievement.-Dr. Anna Maslin

Millar Maslin Associates has over 30 years of experience in National and International Health, because they both work with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations. Their focus is based on health, human rights and international development. So they are interested in maternal & child health, woman`s issues as well as freedom of Faith, for example.

The sponsor of this category is Move on Rentals, which is owned by Sharon Canning; she is a local lady with a lot of experience in the property letting industry, because she has already done this for over 21 years! Beside this she is also a private landlord for 29 years. Sharon spent 3 years travelling the UK, in which she trained inexperienced letting agents. In this time she finished her 4 year accountancy course before she founded Move on 2006.

Sharon Canning quotes;

“Dr Anna Maslin is an inspiration to the modern woman; she has already committed 30 years in Human rights and International Development working with Governmental and non- governmental organisations globally. Some of Anna’s experiences in other countries have not been risk free. Alongside all of this, Anna has written 13 books ranging from breast cancer, nursing, memory and mind and women at work. She is a worthy winner for the Venus Life Time Achievement Award.”


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