Venus Awards

Recognising Local Business Women

What a Night!!

Dorset Venus Women Awards Ceremony 2013!

I think we can all say that last nights Dorset Venus Awards Ceremony was phenomenal!

Last night the Awards Ceremony was located at The Pavilion Theater Ballroom, where 280 guests attended to take part in the amazing atmosphere and to have a memorable night.  The venue was decorated in beautiful decore and finishing off each table with beautiful centre pieces, making each individual table look glamorous. The finalists were all very excited and everyone had loads of enthusiasm and eager to find out whether they were the winners in the chosen categories.

The fantastic Live Entertainment (Tall Order) were enjoyed by all and had everyone dancing in their seats and even got them up on the dance floor by the end of the evening. Singing a variety of different well known songs, and adding a sophisticated essence to give it their own flare.

With an amazing set of finalists, each business woman deserved an award, however as said many of times, there can only be one winner for each category. Each finalist did amazing to get this far and should be extremely proud of themselves. The winners themselves truly deserved their achievement as well, we all at Langtry Manor hope you all feel appreciated and that people really do recognise them for all they do for other people and their business!

2013-06-06 04.52.37


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