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Recognising Local Business Women

Face the camera event Dorset!!!

The face the camera event Dorset at the Langtry Manor hotel last night was a great success, many women turned up and presented a 1 minute speech to give the public an understanding of why they deserve to win the award that they were nominated for. During this event all these inspiring women got to know each other over tea and coffee while calming each other’s nerves before presenting their speeches.

This particular face the camera event was for the women who were nominated for these categories within Dorset, the Daily Echo’s working mother of the year, Heart’s employee of the year and Jobshop’s employer of the year.  On the 23rd of April the public vote starts for one week, this is where the public can access all of the speeches that were filmed so then they can go on and vote for who they believe deserves the award.

Thanks to all of the women who were involved within the face the camera event last night, all of the videos that were filmed were wonderful and they all done such a great job even though it’s nerve wracking for some, they overcame their nerves and produced speeches that will definitely catch the publics attention. We are now looking forward for the public vote to start and to see the outcome.


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This entry was posted on March 27, 2013 by in Dorset.
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